About Us

With roots in both Puerto Rico and The Bronx, Victor Cruz has a plethora of life experiences to pull from for his animated YouTube series, TITA. Inspired by the need for joy and human connection during the Covid-19 pandemic, Cruz decided to develop Tita and build her world of characters, from what began as just her voice to prank call family and friends. A true one-man show, Cruz wrote, produced, animated, and acted as the voice for each character himself. Since launching in March 2020, he has nearly 6M views, a number that continues to rise as a result of Tita’s growing popularity.

A no-nonsense Bronx warrior with a heart as big as the city,
takes on the chaotic world of family and community while hilariously
re-discovering her life after her husband’s passing.



Project Creator | Writer | Animator | Producer
The voice of TITA and other characters

Additional artwork and character rigging by:
Jairo Delgadillo and Bagus Adi Irawan

"TITA" Theme Song Created by:
Gio Cruz and Liana Harper

Victor Cruz was born in Portsmouth, VA and raised in the heart of the South Bronx. At the tender age of 16, he performed stand-up comedy for the very first time in the West Village of New York City. He studied in the acting conservatory at SUNY Purchase College and the day before he graduated, he landed his first TV role on HBO’s The Sopranos. From then on, he has appeared in over 50 TV Shows, Films and Commercials. Victor runs his own acting studio in Times Square, the Victor Cruz Acting Studio and is a faculty member at HB Studio. He continues his lessons and sharpening his tools as an actor under the tutelage of his Spiritual Teacher and Master, Guru Enlightment. Some of his TV & Film Credits Include: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), The Good Cop (Netflix), and West Side Story (2020) Directed by Steven Spielberg.